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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 09:25

Who is Sista P? Featured

Pauline "Sista P" Petinaud Pauline "Sista P" Petinaud

While she is a well known in the local communities of Portland Jamaica, many people know very little about our founder Pauline "Sista P" Petinaud outside of the Fi Wi Sinting annual festival.  For the past 30 years Sista P as she is affectionately called has been living in Portland where she has dedicated her time to preserving Jamaica’s traditional culture and heritage, improving literacy, exposing Jamaicans to life on the continent and has attained the status of Cultural Ambassador among her peers.

Five things you probably don't know about Sista P:

  • She was the first person to host a trip from Jamaica to Africa?
  • Over 100 Jamaicans have accompanied her on trips to Ghana, Togo, Benin and Cuba over the past thirty years?
  • The Content Model School an Afro-centric educational institution which she built for her community, Content District that sent the first set of students from the community to attend high school.  In addition the Nayamka Drummers, a product of the Content Model School, were the first Jamaican group to win the coveted World Champion Trophy at the World Championships of the Performing Arts held in Hollywood, California 2001.
  • She is an international culture ambassador known in Italy as a Jamaica Tourist Board representative for culture at the Rottotom music festival , Contributor and occasional host of Irie FM’s Running African program, contributor to “Inside the Village Square” radio program in a segment “Yard View” on WVIP 93.5 FM, New York and host of the Spiritual Vibrations program on Stlyz FM 96.1, Port Antonio, Jamaica.
  • She is the recipient of many awards including:
    • Empress Menen-outstanding civil service 1995
    • Harriet Tubman – Uniting the African family 1998
    • DeJazmatch- Outstanding work in trips to Africa 2006
    • Empress Menen- Invaluable contribution to the Rastafari Nation- 2010

The Fi Wi Sinting Foundation continues their priority to bring the celebration of African heritage in Jamaica to the masses. We recognize and acknowledge the importance of preserving vital and living elements of our cultural heritage as well as the positive effect creative activity has on individuals; providing enjoyment, enlivening spaces and enriching lives.  Culture makes places distinctive, engendering pride in the local community. It also makes a practical contribution in terms of sustainability, providing employment, encouraging learning and inspiring people to adopt creative and active lifestyles.

Through culture communities are better able to engage young people in constructive activity and attract the people and businesses essential for a prosperous local economy, and it is through this same dynamic mix of culture and community that the Foundation is pleased to announce the 23rd annual staging of the Fi Wi Sinting Festival, the only traditional Jamaican folk festival celebrating our African heritage!

Held in February, Black History Month, and now designated Reggae Month Fi Wi Sinting has become the largest and only celebration of its kind in the island growing from approximately thirty persons in attendance to well over 3,000 people annually.  We salute our founder and Producer of Fi Wi Sinting the largest Black History Month event in Jamaica now in its 23rd year.  “Pauline ‘Sista P’ Petunaud is a true living heroin.”

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