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6 Proven Tips for First Time Travelers to Africa

Africa is a fantastic spot for traveling from the lush green land, inspiring landscape to sandy beaches and friendly communities. If one is looking to have fun and a little adventure, then Africa is the place to be. There are fun activities to engage in such as trekking the mountains, relaxing on the beaches, bungee jumping, and safari driving and motorcycle adventures. Africa is the place to let loose and enjoy as everything about it is calming and refreshing. Remember Africa has 54 countries; you will be spoilt for choice as each has an experience of its own. The climate is warm and welcoming, a distinction of what it is in many parts of the world. There is a certain perception that has been painted of Africa as a continent riddled with diseases, poverty, and hunger. This is extremely not a real representation of these cases are very rare. Throw all caution to the wind and prepare yourself to have an excellent time. Here are a few tips to help you have the moment of your life!

1. Carry essential items

If you are dependent and need to enjoy yourself and not worry about certain things, then carry them from home. You may plan to buy them locally but then why spend extra when you can bring what you need. Such items include; toothbrush, hand sanitizers, torch, camera

2. Dress appropriately

Africa might be warm, but this is not an opportunity to dress down as most African communities regard dressing down as inappropriate and vulgar. Dress comfortable and blend in with the local communities.

3. Vaccination

According to the country, you are planning to visit, undergo vaccinations as this will ensure that you do not have a visit to a local hospital. The diseases that you are likely to get include; malaria, yellow fever, tetanus, hepatitis A, typhoid, and rabies. If you are vaccinated, then there is no need to be troubled.

4. Get a local guide

Africa has many destinations that are bound to go unnoticed by a tourist thus get a local guide to take you places. You need to enjoy yourself, so ask all the questions, and let the guide be your connection to the local communities and the places you visit.

5. Be friendly

Africa is a land of friendly people, diverse cultures, and exotic food. Being friendly will make your stay comfortable. It will also allow you to have a unique experience interacting with the locals. Your experience will not be complete without photos with the locals, work your charm and charisma around the locals. I will guarantee that you will have the best time of your life.

6. Stay Safe

Africa offers an excellent opportunity to try new things, be it sightseeing, driving around in safari cars enjoying the natural habitat and animals, bungee jumping, sand surfing among others. Learn the art of doing this from the local guide and do not do what you have not been told. The joy of the vacation is to enjoy yourself but do no overdo it.


Africa offers new opportunities to live life fully, do not limit yourself to what you need to do. Carry enough money, give yourself ample time for vacation and enjoy every little bit. For the next article, we will be talking yoga. Before then, do yourself a favor and checkout this site: yoga for dummies: yoga for weight loss for beginners.


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Why Calisthenics Is Great for Travel: What You Should Know

Calisthenics are workouts which consist of a variety of different gross motor movements, usually rhythmical. Unlike other types of workouts, these exercises do not require a person to have apparatus or equipment to perform them.

Calisthenics are often intended to improve body fitness, flexibility as well body strength, via movements like pushing or pulling oneself up, swinging, jumping and bending, using own body weight for resistance. Despite most people carrying out these workouts for different reasons, research has proved that they are perfect for travel. This write- up will give you several reasons why calisthenics is great for travel.

Why Calisthenics are Ideal for Travel

They Provide Low Possibility of Incurring Injuries

Despite these workouts consisting of bodyweight workouts, they’re normally considered ideal for travel since they provide small chances of a person conducting them being injured. These types of exercise often put less strain on the joints and muscles when performed properly.

While on vacation or if you’ve traveled somewhere, these workouts are also ideal since they require you to use your body as weight thus keeping the training process natural.

Less Fatigue

Since flying in most cases makes a person tired, it is ideal that you incorporate calisthenics routines when going somewhere as they make a person experience less fatigue. Studies have shown that these workouts can be carried for longer time periods without a person carrying them experiencing tiredness easily.

Leaving you with Functional and Strong Muscles

When traveling, your muscles need to be strong as well as operational so that you can perfectly sort anything that requires extra effort during the journey. These exercises will provide you with an opportunity to strength your body muscles while at the same time maintaining your performance.

It is a Free Training

While on travel you do not require wasting your time looking for a gym to practice in thanks to the existence of these individual workouts. Calisthenics also has got no set environment since they can be performed at any place. This also makes them ideal for people who are travelling since they can perform them anywhere and anytime they want.

Does not Require Special Training Facilities and Equipment

These workouts will not require you to have any training facility or equipment when performing them. It is therefore important that you consider these exercises if you’ll be travelling soon since they will not need you to carry any exercising facilities or equipment in your travelling kit. Let us now have a look at some of the tips that you can make use of in order to do a basic calisthenics workout if you’ve traveled somewhere.

Tips on How to Do a Basic Callisthenic Workout

Tip# 1: Dressing in Loose Comfortable Clothes

Dressing in loose, comfortable clothes will allow a person to move freely while carrying out these workouts. For instance, the need of loose clothing comes handy since you may be lying on the ground with your feet on the air or bending over so that you can touch your toes. Such calisthenics workouts cannot be carried properly when a person is in tight, uncomfortable clothes.

Tip# 2: Deciding If You Require Shoes

Performing calisthenics while wearing shoes will not only provide stability but also add some weight to your legs. Also, it is ideal that you wear shoes if you’ll be performing the workouts outdoor so that you can minimize the chances of occurrence of injuries. However, you can perfectly do these exercises with or without shoes.

Tip# 3: Finding a Space

It is ideal that before starting the exercises you look for a big space whereby your body can move freely. It is recommended that you use a space that can allow you make ten steps in any direction.

Tip# 4: Performing the Workouts

Perform each exercise in sets of five, seven, nine or 11 repetitions and then rest for a few minutes before doing another set. You should ensure that you keep track of the number of sets you are able to do so that you can increase each and every time you feel you’ve got morale of continuing with the workouts.

Last, but not least, as you’ve seen, calisthenics are workouts that can be performed anywhere and do not require any training facilities or equipment. Be sure to check out complete beginners’ calisthenics workout routine and training. Ensure that you perform these workouts so that you can experience the numerous benefits they offer a person’s body. Thank you.

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